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With Smart Club CNL it is possible to do it from the comfort of your home, because it offers you the opportunity to receive a membership to our Club. A space where you will have exclusive benefits and, as a member, you will have access to VIP services.

In Smart Club CNL you are part of an innovative community that can help you earn extra income for yourself.

Exponential Factor Growth System

A unique system that has been designed so you can improve your financial life as you scale, week by week. Just follow the directions:

  • 1

    Refer 2 people.

  • 2

    Those two people will attract two new members to the club, so that each one will acquire a membership for $50 USD per year.

  • 3

    This multiplication formula will be valid also for them.

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In Smart Club CNL you get SMART benefits

Smart Club CNL is the opportunity you were looking for.

  • DIGITAL TV with 9,600 channels (when you reach the Entrepreneur rank)
  • Digital business card for you to develop your project professionally.
  • Access to LiveStreaming with renowned motivators.
  • Access to your own Funnel or Website, to boost your own online business.
  • Smart Club CNL Lottery with generous prizes.
  • With your sponsor member link, you earn lottery residuals.
  • Access to our 24 hour Radio Signal with positive music and programming to achieve success.
  • The possibility of changing your financial life in only 4 weeks with our powerful Club referral system.
  • Access to courses to prospect online through social networks, taught by experts in the field.

Play and win with CSCNL Lottery

With the purchase of your annual membership, you can make your predictions to win in weekly drawings where the prizes are shared out.

Feel the adrenaline of being the next winner for only $11 dollars!

You can pay your ticket with BTC, USDT, TRC20, from your Mining or commission wallet, and you can withdraw your prizes every Saturday!

Team up and keep winning with the Smart Club CNL Unilevel system!

Smart Club CNL shares with its members a percentage of its profits; 30% for referral bonuses in week 1. Every time you refer a new member to the CLUB, you receive a link that is automatically activated and you get a 10% commission.

The unilevel system of 7 deep markets is exclusive to Smart Club CNL. And each of these seven levels are completed when your team registers 254 members.

Withdrawal terms:

  • 1
    The minimum withdrawal fee for commission earnings is $50.
  • 2
    The withdrawal fee to your crypto wallet is 10%.
  • 3
    Recommended cold wallet: We recommend using hot wallets, to keep our project in total freedom.

Smart Club CNL Ranks

Apply our exponential growth formula, move up through the ranks and enjoy the rewards available.

  • Entrepreneur

  • Supervisor

  • Team Manager

  • Senior VIP

  • International Executive

  • Regional Manager

  • Executive Director

  • Global Director

  • Ambassador

Check the details of each rank here: